Friday, April 23, 2010

Lesson 3: (part 2) Tango - fark the tango!

The geezer was trying to get me to learn a Tango using E, A minor and D minor with plently of muted strings and slaps and stuff. 

Its too hard and I can't play it. So after a few seconds thought on this one I say 
Fark the Fecken Tango!

So I did a quick You Tube search for something a bit more up my alley and found 'little miss can't be wrong' teaching hill billy Blues.

I was really after something bluesy with string damping to practice ('cause I'm rubbish at holding a rhythm with additional right hand damping or left hand string muting going on).

I've been practicing something along the lines of this. I'll probably add, for amusement value only :) , some YouTube links of me trying to play this later this weekend. Gulp..

If I ever get any good at the Tango rhythm I'll do a post on it - but don't hold your breath..


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