Monday, April 26, 2010

Lesson 5: Something showing a scale in use

Intro to 'Since I've been loving you' - Led Zeppelin

Learning WTF a scale is (a group of notes that sound the business together) and how it is put together is the type of ground work I was after from a guitar teacher. How to make music is something else again :)

So my guitar geezer told me to look at Since I've Been Loving You 
by Jimmy Page. It has been called one of the best guitar solos of all time and looking at the intro you can see it sits in pattern, in a scale.

My very rough draw up of the intro tab with no timing shown is:
(right mouse and open image in another window to go large)

Looking at those notes and based on the FECK all I know about scales so far I can kind of tell that that is in either C Minor or D#(Eb) Major.

Should be easy to tell 'cause it is beginning with your index finger on the 8th fret C note (or somewhere around there!) and because you are there with your index finger you are in a Minor. So C Minor.

Looking at where your little pinkie finger is naturally positioned it will be in the D#(Eb) [D sharp / E flat] note. So you could also say you are in D# Major (and the C is the relative minor).

I'm pretty sure Mr Page (being the walk on water guitar god he is) moves in and out of scales and patterns and does what ever the fark he wants when he wants without giving a flying shite about them at all
but it is still nice to know that all of those notes in the intro to 'Since I've been Loving You' are BANG on in the beginners scale I've been learning.



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